About Classic Cycles

Classic bicycles for sale near Oxford in Oxfordshire

Classic Cycles was founded by Anthony Ussher to provide services to vintage bicycle collectors and enthusiasts. Anthony’s passion for cycling started in the early 1970s in competitive amateur cycling which has developed through the years. Anthony has been involved in cycling for over 40 years and has developed an insight into all aspects of vintage bicycles and the classic cycling scene.

Our way of working: using the benefits of the latest technology lends itself to providing services to cycling collectors and enthusiasts. We have a data base of hundreds of bicycles and parts.


We have grounded the business on being flexible and efficient whilst providing quality and a care driven service – when you call us you can talk to me.

We travel to anywhere in the UK and Europe to collect quality bicycles and parts. We have a compassionate approach and will always consider the circumstances involved in dealing with your enquiry.

Classic Cycles Ltd

Buying, selling and restoring Vintage Bicycles